[ Solved ] disabling dag pre-allocation (not enough vram) phoenix miner

Disabling DAG pre-allocation (not enough vram) for phoenix miner program

First of all, you have to check the graphics card driver.
Make sure your graphics card driver is working properly and keep it up to date.


NVIDIA GeForce Software


ADM Radeon Software


If Radeon Graphic card, you change WorkLoad setting.

graphics mode -> computer mode


I reinstalled the graphics card driver and solved it.

If you can’t reinstall the graphics card driver, try increasing the virtual memory.

그래픽카드 드라이버를 재설치 하였지만 여전히 DAG 에러가 발생하신다면 아래를 보고 따라해보세요.

윈도우 가상메모리 메모리 늘리는 부분인데 WSP 프로그램 다운받아서 방법 따라하시면됩니다.


How to solve this by increasing virtual memory

1. Your computer needs to increase virtual memory.

Download the WSP program below and click the virtual memory button.
Then you can learn how to increase virtual memory.

2. Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk.

Minimum number of graphics cards multiplied by DAG (4GB)

If the hard disk capacity is insufficient, check to see if there are any files that can be deleted, such as past Windows backups.


3. Restart system.

Virtual memory is automatically allocated to capacity after your computer reboots.

If specifying capacity does not solve the problem, automatic setting is recommended for the system to manage.